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VGW NEWS: VideoGameWorth is LIVE

After four months of hard work VideoGameWorth is a fact. The go-to place for retro video game sales and game collection news is up-and-running, albeit barebones.

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The retro game market has been booming since 2020 erupted hordes of new video game collectors. Luckily, I seem to have dodged the peak prices when finishing my Pokémon Game Boy collection – but I'm sure not everyone feels as lucky. Retro games have been seeing a steady increase in price, leaving some of us old-time collectors scrambling to find those classic games at a reasonable price.

For the past four months I've been building VideoGameWorth in my spare time in hopes of bringing a new kind of platform to video game collectors. It's definitely still in it's early stages (and I've got the backlog to prove it). Future updates will include ways to keep track of game prices, so some of that painful scrambling may at least be automated to a degree. Check out the FAQ and About page for some more info.

In the upcoming weeks I'll be rolling out new functionality – including the ability to register accounts and a game batch calculator. In the meantime, if you spot any bugs or wish to contribute (or just do some plain 'ol ranting on retro games), check out our Discord channel.

Will keep y'all in the loop!

- Randy


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