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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does VGW get its data from?

    The initial game data was pulled from the great folks over at TheGamesDB. The sales data we get from Ebay.

  • How does VGW determine the value of video games?

    Most of our sales data comes from eBay. We then normalize this using our own historic data. Of course, we make sure to grab large enough samples for each game as to have a representative median value.

  • Why do I sometimes see wrong listings under a game

    Thanks for spotting that! You'd do us a huge favor in reporting these. Our algorithms are constantly being improved, so hopefully in the near future there will be none to little mistakes :)

  • What do 'Loose', 'CIB', 'New' and 'Graded' mean?

    • Loose: A game with just the cartridge/cd, no manual or box included.
    • CIB: 'Complete In Box', a game that includes the cartridge/cd, manual and original box.
    • New: A game that is still factory sealed.
    • Graded: A game that has been graded by a grading service like VGA.
  • What does N/A stand for?

    "Not Available"; it means we currently do not have any data for this item – but rest assured, we update our games on a daily basis!

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